Re: Updates from the GNOME Sysadmin Team

2013/11/21 Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org>
Hi Andrea,

Andrea Veri wrote:

> Looking at the existing open tickets can be done by looking at each queue's
> status page available at the following urls:
>  * Accounts:
>  * Git:
>  * Mailman:
>  * General:
>  * Planet:

Is it expected that only the summary is available? I get redirected to
a login page when I click on a ticket number.

Very good point Frederic, thanks for pointing this out.

RT handles all this in an automated way when an user submits a ticket for the very first time. Right after the ticket being created, RT also sends an email to the user with the user / password he / she can use to login to RT itself and review the tickets that were reported with that specific email address.

So you will have access only to the tickets you've actually submitted / created. The stats page I linked before is actually informative and meant for reporters to avoid creating duplicates on the request tracker itself.

As an additional note, every ticket sent to the "public" queues will be sent to gnome-infrastructure gnome org, that way developers and users will be able to eventually follow-up themselves to a ticket even if they can't access it directly through the web interface.

I am at your disposition for anything else it might not be clear enough.



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