Proposal for a new default window resize behaviour

So , I'm currently scratching my head on how to make my windows resize on a move to the corner . I found the Put window extension , but it has only keyboard shortcuts . So upon the realization there is currently no other solution than to write an extension, I decided to write and ask/propose here : why isn't the default behaviour : drag the window to a corner -> it resizes to the adjacent quadrant of the screen ;
drag the window to the side -> it resizes to the adjacent side;
drag the window to bottom -> bottom half
drag to top -> maximize (I'd prefer top half , but let's say users are accustomed to the current behaviour)
(and I mean the event would trigger when the mouse touches the edge/corner)

This behaviour is very logical (there's nothing complicated about understanding it with trial-error) , and it doesn't break the current model.


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