Welcome interns!

Hi all,

GNOME accepted 32 Google Summer of Code interns and 7 Outreach Program for Women interns! Additionally, of 
the students who submitted the same proposal with GNOME and another organization, the Mono Project accepted a 
student to work on F-Spot and PiTiVi accepted 3 students. All the interns made a contribution to the project 
they were applying to work on and connected with their mentors during the application process. We are 
thrilled to have these talented and dedicated contributors have a chance to spend the whole summer working on 
GNOME! Thanks to Google, Bloomberg, Red Hat, the Free Software Foundation, and the GNOME Foundation for 
making these internships possible!

Thank you to all the mentors who helped the applicants along the way and will guide the participants this 
summer! Everyone, please help out mentors from your project by also helping the participants when possible.

Please feel free to arrange to meet with interns from your town for beer, juice, and/or hacking! (Interns, 
please feel free to reply with an update if you are in a different city this summer from where your school 

Below, is the list of all the interns’ projects. The ones without a link are OPW projects. The interns will 
blog about their work on Planet GNOME throughout the summer.

Thanks to everyone and welcome to the interns!
Marina, on behalf of GSoC and OPW admins


= GNOME Shell =

Magdalen Berns (magpie), Edinburgh, UK
Implement Caret and Focus Tracking for GNOME Shell - Joseph Scheuhammer

Carlos Soriano (csoriano), Girona, Spain
Complete redesign of GNOME Shell's app picker - Florian Müllner

= GNOME Settings =

Bogdan Ciobanu (bogdanc), Bucharest, Romania
Implement a new avatar picker dialog that will pull from online sources - Jasper St. Pierre

Kalev Lember (kalev), Gothenburg, Sweden
Overhaul the Date & Time panel in System Settings - Zeeshan Ali

= GNOME Documents =

Alessandro Campagni (sciamp), Florence, Italy
Dual screen capable presentation in gnome-documents - Cosimo Cecchi

= GNOME Maps =

Mattias Bengtsson (mattiasb), Gothenburg, Sweden
Trip planning in GNOME Maps - Zeeshan Ali

= GNOME Music =

Eslam Mostafa (eslam), Sohang, Egypt
Design implementation of GNOME Music - Seif Lotfy

Sai Suman Prayaga (sai), Jabalpur, India
Implementation of GNOME Music - Seif Lotfy

Shivani Poddar (shivani), Hyberabad, India
GNOME Music use cases and implementation - Seif Lotfy and Vadim Rutkovsky 

= GNOME Sound Recorder =

Meg Ford (m_22), Chicago, Illinois, USA
GNOME Sound Recorder - Sebastian Dröge

= GNOME Calculator =

Garima Joshi (garima_), Durgapur, India
Implement support for custom functions in GNOME Calculator - Arth Patel

= GNOME Clocks =

Evgeny Bobkin (ibqn), Berlin, Germany
Improve gnome-clocks world view (pictures, geolocation) - Paolo Borelli

= Break Timer =

Dylan McCall (dylan-m), Vancouver, Canada
Break Timer application for GNOME 3 - Jasper St. Pierre

= GNOME Tweak Tool =

Alex Muñoz (alexmudoz), Talca, Chile
Gnome Tweak Tool UI Refresh - John Stowers

= Files =

Sam Bull (SamBull), Brighton, England
Modular encryption support - Stef Walter

Ting-Wei (lantw44), Taipei, Taiwan
GNOME Archives Integration - Cosimo Cecchi

= Wayland Support =

Žan Doberšek (zdobersek), Ljubljana, Slovenia
Support for Wayland in WebKit2GTK+ - Martin Robinson

Rafael Fonseca (rfonseca), Campinas, Brazil
Port color management in GNOME to Wayland - Richard Hughes

= Developer Libraries =

Guillaume Mazoyer (Respawner),  Belfort-Montbéliard, France
GObject Introspection for java-gnome - Serkan Kaba

Richard Schwarting (aquarichy), Toronto, Canada
GXml: easy and ready-to-use - Owen Taylor

Victor Toso (toso), Campinas, Brazil
Add Lua support for Grilo plugins - Juan A. Suarez

= Evolution =

Peteris Krisjanis (pecisk), Riga, Latvia
Google Tasks support to libgdata and Evolution - Philip Withnall

= Evince =

Gökcen Eraslan (gkcn), Stockholm, Sweden
Enhancement of PDF annotations in Evince - Germán Poo-Caamaño

Aakash Goenka (aakash), Kharagpur, India
Add Bookshelf View & Tiling support to Evince - Jose Aliste

= Gedit =

Sébastien Wilmet (swilmet), Louvain, Belgium
GtkSourceView: add regex search and modernize existing features - Ignacio Casal

Melissa Wen (melissawen), Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Gedit pluging for developers - Paolo Borelli and Ignacio Casal Quinteiro 

= GTranslator =

Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro (chavaone), A Coruña, Spain
Redesign and port Gtranslator to Vala - Nicolás Satragno

= Gitg =

Sindhu S, Bangalore (ingu), India
Support advanced operations (rebase, format-patch) in Gitg - Paolo Borelli

= GTG =

Xuan Hu (huxuan), Beijing, China
Porting GTG and Liblarch to Gtk3 and Python3 - Izidor Matušov 

Parin Porecha (parin), Hyderabad, India
A Web Application for Getting Things GNOME! - Izidor Matušov

= GCompris =

Lavanya Gunasekar (lavaa), Chennai, India
Activity Development for GCompris Suite - Bruno Coudoin

= Banshee =

Tomasz Maczyński (tomasz), Wroclaw, Poland
Banshee: Integrate with more REST API Services (SongKick and FanArt.TV) - Andrés G. Aragoneses

= F-Spot =

Camilo Polymeris (cpolymeris), Concepción, Chile
RAW developer integration for the f-spot photo manager - Stephen Shaw

(organization: the Mono Project)
Valentín Barros Puertas (Sanva), Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Adding positional tags and face detection to F-Spot - Stephen Shaw

= PiTiVi =

Mathieu Duponchelle (Mathieu_Du), Paris, France
General bug fixing - Jeff Fortin

(organization: PiTiVi)
Anton Belka (dark-al), Minsk, Belarus
Proxy editing - Thibault Saunier

(organization: PiTiVi)
Simon Corsin (scorsin), Paris, France
Implement complex layer management and waveforms - Jeff Fortin

(organization: PiTiVi)
Joris Valette (jojva), Bordeaux, France
Motion ramping / Time stretching - Thibault Saunier

= Web Development =

Saumya Dwivedi (saumyad), Hyberabad, India
Web Development - Andreas Nilsson and Fabiana Simões

Saumya Pathak (saumya), Hyberabad, India
Web Development - Andreas Nilsson and Fabiana Simões 

= Documentation =

Aruna Sankaranarayanan (aruna), Bangalore, India
Documentation - Ekaterina Gerasimova 

= Design =

Pooja Saxena (anexasajoop), Bangalore/New Delhi, India
Cantarell Font Design - Jakub Steiner 

= Marketing =

Tiffany Yau (tffnyy), San Mateo, CA, USA
Marketing - Sriram Ramkrishna and Allan Day

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