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Thank you for this information, Andrea! We'll greatly benefit from the bot and the etherpad is a lovely addition!
I have sent you a request via email regarding this.

Thank you for setting this up :)


On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 12:00 AM, Andrea Veri <av gnome org> wrote:
2013/5/17 Andrea Veri <av gnome org>


I've been working during the past week on the KGB Bot [4] (it has been a pain to package dozen of perl libraries!), which is a little IRC bot capable of sendind out notifications when a commit occurs on a specific git repository. I'm currently waiting the RH IT to open the specific port on the firewall for the kgb-client to communicate correctly with the bot which is hosted on a machine outside the datacenter where runs. I'll make sure to send out an additional mail when the service is ready to go accepting new requests.

KGB Bot is finally ready to go, if you are interested in receiving commit notifications for a specific GNOME module on an IRC channel hosted at, please open a bug against the 'sysadmin' module on Bugzilla or directly mail me the relevant information:

1. repository-name
2. channel-name

In addition to this, the Etherpad istance hosted by the GNOME Infrastructure is up and running at The service is and will be restricted to all the GNOME teams that will request access to it (at the moment the Board, Release Team, Advisory Board, Marketing Team), if you are interested in the service please drop me an e-mail anytime.



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