Re: Combined system status updates

Nirbheek Chauhan <nirbheek gentoo org> wrote:
I beg to differ there! On my laptop with its default setup, I would
see 13 items + 5 separators on the menu at all times (increasing to 14
with updates).

Can you explain how you came up with those numbers? Do you have
multiple VPNs/Mobile Broadband connections? I'm not sure that 5
separators will even be possible...

I miscounted the separators, sorry about that! 4 is the correct
number. My network bits look like this:

* WiFi (displayed if device is capable)
* Mobile Broadband (USB 3G dongle, connected)
* VPN1 (Work VPN)
* Bluetooth (Switched on at boot)

And I have a "Guest" user on my system for people who want to use my
machine, so that adds the "Switch user" and "Logout" options. That
makes it 13, by my count—unless I've misunderstood something about the
menu? This isn't the average case, but it's not an atypical case

In that case you should end up with 12 menu items and 4 separators.
That's essentially the same as what you should have in your network
menu right now (assuming you're within range of a decent number of
wi-fi networks).

FWIW, I know it's a bad idea for non-designers to give design
suggestions, but it seems to me that splitting the network menu might
be a nice thing to do.

You should really feel free to make suggestions; they're appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback,


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