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Hello, Puja

How would you like to contribute to GNOME?  These are a few options :)

You can contribute to GNOME in many ways (and one of the ways is translation, as you have already started doing so): coding, documentation, art work, bug triaging, user experience research and even marketing!

I am a recent intern from the GNOME Outreach Program for Women OPW) and I contribute to GNOME Documentation. Please take a look at

For coding, there are many GNOME projects that need bug fixing and you can find easy bugs to solve if you search Bugzilla ( with keyword "gnome-love":

gnome-love indicates that it's a relatively easy bug to solve and assistance will provided by the community in helping you make your contribution.

Have you applied for GSoC or OPW? At the point of writing this am sorry to say that the deadline for both these programs has passed but do consider preparing yourself to apply in the next round.

For bug triaging, consider reading
It would be of great help to the community if you can correctly assign bugs their keywords and status as I have done here:

Would you like more help on where to start in any of the following? Do ping anybody on: network on the channels:
#docs for documentation related matters
#bugsquad for bug triaging help

You can find out the IRC channel for any GNOME project by simply searching for the project's wiki page on
For example: is the wiki page for the GNOME application Gitg and the developers are available for help on #gitg

Also consider subscribing to mailing list of the project you are interested in contributing to. You can find all public mailing lists for GNOME projects here:

I hope this email has been clear in giving you a concise idea on how to take your first step towards contributing to the GNOME community :) That said this mailing list (desktop-devel) is *not* the forum for asking for 'how-to contribute' help. This mailing list is intended for queries related to GNOME Desktop development. Please post queries for help in relevant channels to receive replies that benefit you :)



On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 3:46 PM, Puja Singh <singh puja 07 08 gmail com> wrote:
Hi everyone!

I am Puja Singh,a third year undergraduate from Netaji Subhash Engineering College,Kolkata,India.

I have been wondering for quite a few time to start contributing to GNOME,
specificaly on projects like GCompris and Banshee.

I already have gtk and the necessary libraries installAm not aware of binary builds of GNOME 3.8.Am not aware of binary builds of GNOME 3.8.ed in my machine,and I have started to get familiar with the environment. I also joined the Gnome translation team(Hindi),a few weeks back,though I would really love to contribute technically.

Here are few of my works,(not great) I have been working upon lately:

1. (the website of my college's annual tech fest)
2. my github profile ( )
3. working on cloud computing for last 1.5 years,and have a paper published in a Springer journal ( LNISCT , conference by IDES and ACEEE ).

Kindly consider me to be guided properly to be able to be a regular contributor to Gnome.


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