Fwd: Very hidden menu in gnome-shell


I've been using gnome3 for a year or more now. I can say I'm pretty OK
with it but I hope it well get better and better in the next years.

But recently I discovered something which I really didn't find obvious
and intuitive. I was searching a way for sorting items in Nautilus by
their types so folders always come before files. This can be doable by
clicking the down arrow icon next to the "View items as a grid" icon
and selecting "By Type". BUT, if you're viewing items as a list, you
don't have that option :) I think this is a very bad asymmetry as both
options are symmetrical in terms of their functions but their "down
icon" menus differ vastly.

Then I thought that "OK so they didn't implement ordering for listed
items, fine." for 6 months or so. Then I couldn't accept this (because
it's easy and a very old feature actually) and tried google'ing.
Bingo! I found that when you click "Nautilus" tab next to activities
(when Nautilus is running) you actually have a bunch of things instead
of a single "Quit" action that I encounter with firefox. There in
preferences there's an option "sort folders before files".

So finally I think that is a quite hidden place for a Preferences and
other actions. Second think is that why there's some ordering options
in nautilus's "down icon" menu for grid but nothing for "list view"?

Thanks :)

Ozan Çağlayan
Research Assistant
Galatasaray University - Computer Engineering Dept.

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