GSoC Internship Ideas

Hi all,

Marina mentioned to me that we still need more ideas for this year's
GSoC [1]. If you would like to mentor someone, please get in touch:
it's really important that we have enough mentors and internship

If you are willing to be a mentor but aren't sure about what you'd
work on, I have a bunch of ideas that might be of interest:

 - A typing break app - we lost the old typing break setting in the
jump to 3.x. Having a break timer app would be a nice replacement -

 - Multimonitor bug fixing - we have lots of multimonitor bugs, and
I'm sure that we could bundle some of them together to make a nice
project -

 - PackageKit bug fixing. I think that Jon has a bunch of UX bugs that
- could make a nice project.

 - Application paging in the overview - this will work better with the
new folders, and will help with spatial memory. See
for one idea of how it could look

 - Implement Cheese redesign. Cheese needs a bit of love, and we have
some mockups that we could work from -

 - Avatar selection - this would be an avatar selection dialog that
could be used by Initial Setup, Contacts, User Accounts and Chat. We
could also try and pull avatars from online accounts (which might be a
good project in its own right). See bug -

 - A new time and date panel for the control center. We have mockups
for this:

 - Contacts - I could easily come up with a list of UX bugs. We've
also talked about offline editing being a potential internship.

 - Transfers - this is intended to be a kind of integrated download
and transfers manager. It would provide the UI for downloads from Web,
transfers from Chat and copy/move operations for Files:

Let me know if you're interested in mentoring any of these.


IRC:  aday on

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