Details, System inside Settings


I'm still using the same 3.7.92 testing image.

What to expect from Details, System inside Settings? Wat does a gear
icon mean? No idea, too vague.

In the Overview tab, it's a mix of brief hardware information, GNOME
version and whether system is up-to-date?
I guess hardware information stuff should belongs to hardware panel
inside Settings and it should be more powerful so that we can forget
about lspci/lsusb command.

The rest two tabs make more sense being called "Preferred
Applications" or so together.

The Default Applications tab is too weak in functionality:
In a Web based world, a user probably care about Web only. You know,
everything except Music can be well served by Google's service.
But we are still using a "real computer", we probably care default
text editor for various file type, we probably care OOo or LibO to
handle OpenDocument files, ...
And also, something inside System panel cannot be applied system-wide?

The Removable Media tab has same issue that it cannot apply settings
system-wide (Remember we are inside System panel.)

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