Some comments on 3.7.92 testing image's CJK input support.


Overall, it is much better than 3.6
However, I still find quite a few issues:

A. Input methods coverage
A.1 ibus-chewing is not included. This engine, which provides Bopomofo
[1] support, is important for users in Taiwan region and others. (Note
that Bopomofo engine provided by ibus-pinyin/ibus-libpinyin is
basically useless since it hasn't real tone support.)
A.2 ibus-pinyin instead of ibus-libpinyin is included. I believe that
ibus-libpinyin is supposed to be "the future" [2]
A.3 ibus-hangul is not included, the only Korean engine I'm aware of.

B. Shortcut for input source switching
The default shortcut is Super + space, which is same as Mac OS X.
FYI, previous versions of IBus, Microsoft Windows uses Ctrl + space.

C. Candidate window
The candidate window shows left/right arrows only after one page
up/down operation.
Is this a good design?

D. (Upstream) context menu and/or symbol of some engines are not good enough.
You can try Pinyin and quick*/cangjie* to see whether you are happy
with their context menu and/or symbol.
I will inform upstream soon.


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