Re: jhbuild continuous integration testing: status and plans

On Thu, 2013-03-07 at 16:48 +0100, Martin Pitt wrote:

The thing that hurts most currently is that the machine is behind a
proxy.  This causes quite a lot of test failures (like libgdata's
youtube test), as well as spurious build failures like [3]. We do plan
to move this machine into the DMZ soon, so that it has unrestricted
network access. 

I'm not sure that's the right long term fix...even if the test machine
has a perfect Internet connection, the Internet itself is unreliable,
and so any test cases relying on network services are going to be at
least as unreliable.

This gets back to something I want to figure out how to do, which is
standardize metadata for tests (e.g. "this test requires a public
Internet connection", "this test requires a logged in desktop session",
"this test requires root", etc.).  

Once that happens, we'll set up email notifications for state changes
(e. g. "pass → fails to build", or "test fail → pass") 

Definitely.  Do you guys have any comments on

Ideally your system feeds into whatever we do there, and then we can do
whatever we want with the information inside GNOME (email/IRC
notification, etc).

The parallelization stuff sounds quite cool by the way!  Do you have a
link to the source code for the Jenkins/jhbuild glue work?

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