Blocker bug review for 3.8

One the eve of 3.7.91, here is a summary of the list of open bugs
currently marked as 3.8 blocker. This list has 32 bugs on it today.
That may sound a lot, but keep it in perspective: we've already closed
113 bugs that were marked as "3.8 blocker". Any help with getting the
remaining 32 bugs fixed is greatly appreciated!


* related to feature 'drop fallback mode / add classic mode':
688665  gdm     drop gdm fallback session
672943  gnome-sessio    gnome-session-check-accelerated should force
software fallback for blacklisted cards
694852  gnome-shell     app menu: overdraw issues

* related to feature 'integrated application search'
685227  gnome-contac    shell-provider: adapt for new SearchProvider interface
This is not really a blocker, contacts search works ok without it, as
far as I know.

* related to feature 'privacy':
689529  gnome-contro    privacy: implement 'visible on the local network'
This probably requires infrastructure work in avahi and is not
realistic for 3.8.

* related to feature 'ownCloud':
686527  gnome-docume    Pickup ownCloud accounts from GOA

* related to gnome goal: libsecret migration:
679918  epiphany        libsecret migration

* related to gnome goal: python3:
679438  glib    Python 3 / Windows / cmake port

* multimonitor issues:
683031  gnome-shell     Window positioning in overview wrong when using multihead
685851  gnome-shell     login screen: user list padding insufficient
685854  gnome-shell     shield: show arrow on all monitors
663690  mutter  vertical dual screens, can't move windows to top monitor
I've put these bugs on the blocker list early on (they were the result
of a multimonitor review session at the Boston summit), but they are
not really blocking anything.

* lock screen issues:f
686740  gnome-shell     difficult to transition to the new lock screen
691987  gnome-shell     re-lock screen if we crashed and were restarted

* on-screen keyboard issues:
659180  gnome-shell     On screen keyboard lacks control key
681735  gnome-shell     On-screen keyboard layout does not update
Similarly, I've put on-screen keyboard related bugs on the blocker
list early on in the hope of getting some traction on improving the
osk. Not really blockers.

* shell overview polish:
694262  gnome-shell     Slide the dash and workspace switcher when
entering and exiting the overview
694287  gnome-shell     Fittsify scrollbars

* crasher bugs and serious regressions:
695081  gdm     GDM Crashes on login screen if empty file
/var/lib/gdm/run-initial-setup is present
694046  mutter  Keyboard resizing is broken for gtk+ windows
694771  mutter  menus broken in 3.7.10
691891  gnome-contro    User panel empty on re-opening
695154  gnome-shell     Pressing enter is broken in the unlock dialog
These are all real blockers and need to be fixed.

* unsorted other issues:
694763  orca    Test GdStack accessibility
685612  clutter         Text information shouldn't be exposed if you are
under a password entry
693101  Evolution       IMAPx can vanish and redownload folder summary
694322  Evolution       Giant GTK warning when connecting to network
686804  Evolution-Da    GOA integration for Google Calendar
692924  gnome-contro    Mentions "network" in VPN reset page
695033  gnome-icon-t    need non-symbolic network-cellular-... icons
682319  gnome-settin    media keys: handle language specific input keys
658955  gnome-shell     i'm not idle
682242  gnome-shell     Legacy 16x16px icons look bad in the restyled message tray

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