Many services are being migrated to the new proxy setup: possible problems


we've been working over the past few days on migrating our web services to use our new proxy setup that will act as an intermediate host between the clients and the services themselves. 

A few issues have been reported in regard of Bugzilla and mails. Specifically a few users haven't been able to login correctly on Bugzilla. In addition mails haven't been flushing for a few hours, we've taken action already and the next MX records propagation should fix the issue.

Please report us any issue either through Bugzilla itself by filing a bug against the sysadmin product or by getting in touch with us on #sysadmin at

Important note for all the users having access to the service: the's service has been moved the proxy, thus you won't be able to ssh into that machine correctly. Please use the '' host instead.

Thanks for your patience,


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