(System) Settings BoF, 5th August at GUADEC


I've added a (System) Settings BoF for GUADEC's BoF days, that will help
us go through a number of the left-over bugs and features we want in
GNOME 3.10 and for the future.


We'll be discussing gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-control-center and
gnome-initial-setup (and sharing code between all those).

We expect to discuss:
- Date & Time panel with Kalev and Zeeshan
- Location services integration in Privacy with Zeeshan
- Displays panel redesign (including Wayland support) with Thomas
- Updated shell interface with Jon and Allan
- Bluetooth panel redesign for 3.12 with Bastien
- Testing infrastructure for gnome-settings-daemon with Bastien
- New panel: Touch with Allan
- Patch reviewing and bug fixing with everyone!

Expected attendees:
- Zeeshan, Kalev, Thomas Wood, Matthias, Giovanni, Richard Hughes, Allan
Day, Jon McCann, Marek Kasik, Ondrej Holy, Debarshi Ray, Dan Williams,
Dan Winship, Rui, Jakub, Jasper, Bastien

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