Re: Application menus

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 2:10 PM, bugs <bugs ttyhoney com> wrote:
What is about multi-monitor-setups?
If an application with an Application-Menu is moved to a
non-primary-screen, the Application-Menu is only accessible on the
primary-screen. This requires a user to move the visual focus from the
non-primary-screen to the primary-screen. Examples which make this issue
clearly are Empathy or the Gnome-Calculator.

The only feasible solution I can imagine is to show the black-bar a top
also on the non-primary-screen, without the date/time, notifications and
Pro: Obvious solution and simple to use, every user will grasp it
Con: Some lost pixels at top, Settings-Displays will need to show more
clearly what the primary-screen is (currently often missed, only the tiny
black-bar indicates this)

Or did I miss the obvious solution?

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