Re: Announcement/RFC: jhbuild continuous integration testing -- mystery of recent flood of failures solved

Martin Pitt [2013-02-12  7:43 +0100]:

Right now there are 151 successes (blue), 5 modules fail to build
(red), and 4 modules build but fail in "make check" (yellow). It's
been like that for a week or two now, so I'd say we are doing
reasonably well for now.

You may have seen the sudden large increase of test failures on Feb
13, we are back at ~ 40 "make check failures". It turns out that this
isn't due to a regression in our test environment after all, as I
initially suspected, but because of a bug fix. Until Feb 13, "make
check" wasn't run on a build which previously succeeded already, due
to an accidentally dropped "--force" jhbuild option. It has been put

So the current failures have been there all along. Sorry for the

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