Re: Updates from the GNOME Sysadmin Team: New Mirroring service, Owncloud 6

Hi all!

Quoting Andrea Veri <av gnome org>:


Looking around and thanks to an Olav Vitter's review we decided to move
forward and setup a Mirrorbrain [1] istance. You can read more about its
features at [2].

Great to hear that an existing solution was found and chosen.

Gving a look at a new indexing table we've introduced on the file indexes
of our main mirror can be a good way to get started to how Mirrorbrain
works behind the scenes. [4] Obviously all the links that existed before
Mirrorbrain are still working just fine but the great difference are them
now being served through Mirrorbrain (which then redirects the user to the
closest mirror through mod_geoip) itself and SSL. Another good way of
testing the whole setup out is by using curl, this way: 'curl -iS

There might be something not entirely setup yet. Looking at this I get 11 Mirrors as option, but all of them returned with the same Prio (100)

looking at for example (also based on MirrorBrain) the provided mirrors are clearly differently prioritized.

Might be worthy to have a look at this.


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