Another blocker bug update

It looks like we got all the .92 releases done now. Thanks for
everybody's effort !. We've done quite well on the 3.6 blocker bug
list too. Down from 27 to 11. Here is what is remaining:

674179 empathy Port to GStreamer 0.11/1.0
680424 tracker Port to gstreamer 1.0
681685 gnome-control-center Allow setting shortcut based only on a
combination of two modifier keys, eg. Alt+Shift
679151 gnome-settings-daemon Consumes 100% CPU (NumLock)
680689 gnome-settings-daemon power: enforcing lid close
682429 gnome-shell gdm => session transition doesn't look very good
682830 gnome-shell 3.5.90: keyring prompt can't be confirmed or cancelled
683546 gnome-shell notification does not work with new message tray
683918 gnome-shell gnome-shell 3.5.91 fails to populate applications
682395 gnome-themes Nautilus tabs have black background
682836 nautilus possible performance regression with large directories

If you know of other bugs that should be on this list, now would be a
great time to mention them. And of course, any assistance with fixing
these bugs is greatly appreciated.


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