Re: make --silent

Hi Colin,

can you give me a concrete example of some output where the silent switch is actually problematic? For every occasion where I have used it so far, it only removed lines which look like

make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/user/Documents/Code/tilda'

and I don't understand how that can help people who run build servers? On the other hand, how many people (e.g. developers) need to compile some code by hand and how many people are there running build servers? I could be wrong of course, but wouldn't it be easier to set the silent option as default and then let the people with build servers export some variable such that the silent option is ignored? Im not very familiar with autotools but it should be possible to do something like this:

if not environment.SILENT_MAKE_FLAG then;

and then everyone who runs a build server can just export SILENT_MAKE_FLAG. Or is that a stupid idea for some reason?

On 08/09/12 19:12, Colin Walters wrote:
On Sat, 2012-09-08 at 19:06 +0200, Lanoxx wrote:

I tried to ask in #gtk+ why they are using the SILENT_RULES makro, but
are not using the silent make flag, and someone tried to explain to me,
that this also silences warnings, but as can be seen below, it does not.
I also dont see a real benefit in these make output which only seems to
output which folders make is entering.
Because people running build servers want the complete verbose logs in
order to debug problems.

It's easy enough to filter the output; we should really patch jhbuild to
do so.  It's just hard to do in the curent code.

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