High Resolution Gnome


I just bought a Thinkpad T530 with a 15" 1920x1080 screen. I am running Gnome Shell on Ubuntu 12.04. So far, Gnome Shell seems to do pretty well with scaling to higher resolution screens via the Gnome Tweak tool's “text-scaling factor” setting. Nice work!

However, obviously I am and will be running into other problems. The Mozilla apps do quite well aside from icons via the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx setting. Browsing the web is beautiful. Some graphics are plenty large thanks to the responsive web movement and Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro (curiously, the Apple website does not do well...).

My primary objective – for now: I would like to have (or create if needed) a mouse cursor theme that is either scalable or larger. I'm guessing that providing a theme with larger graphics is all that is necessary? Is the DMZ mouse theme part of Gnome? If that artwork is already in vector art it will be easy to adapt for my needs, but I would love to provide something useful for everybody, as screens of this and greater resolution will no doubt only become more common in the future.

I apologize if this has already been discussed in great detail. Your patience is appreciated.


Jason Simanek

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