Concerning Keyboard Status Menu

The ability of changing state on the fly is an essential part of
Chinese input experience.
So we have both embedded menu and language panel in IBus 1.4 previously.

I used to believe that IBus 1.5 enforce the first form and and no
longer support second form.
That's fine for me, though some people may miss it.

However, why the menu in keyboard status menu become something that
requires engine specific hacks?
I saw one for anthy.

What about ibus-chewing, ibus-pinyin, ibus-table and probably other
engines especially 'third-party' ones then?
Without property menu they are much less useful in practice.

If you have concerns the property texts, other things about
'supported' engine, why don't you contact IBus upstream and request
for change?
For third-party engines, they should have freedom to do whatever they
want, rather than blocked by some hard-coded filter.

Stop destroying IBus by making it GNOME-proprietary, please.

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