For newcomers / IBus/IM users: RULES FOR THIS LIST

Just as a short introduction:

You can discuss pretty much anything on this list as long as it follows
a few rules (from
* be constructive
  Weird comparisons and so on are not constructive (KDE, GNOME 2,
  dictators, etc).
  Stating that something is bad *not* constructive (explain *why* it is
* be polite
* assume people mean well
  nobody is out to make your life difficult. Explain what you need out
  of an IM, what it should do. That'll result in developers making a
  better decision.
* be respectful and considerate
  Even if the other person is not. Contact me if you dislike a certain
  message. I have the abilities to act.
* try to be concise
  sending loads of emails or very long ones (needlessly so) will just
  result in people ignoring or missing what you mean
* be patient and generous

I'm the person who can administrate the list. I highly enjoy
discussions. People can disagree all they want. Always interesting to
learn more.

However, if above rules aren't followed I *will* step in. Again, this
won't be related to your opinion.

Olav (moderator)

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