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Le dimanche 25 mars 2012, à 19:44 +0300, Rūdolfs Mazurs a écrit :
> Hello all!
> In the list of ideas for this year's Google Summer of Code I found the
> suggestion to make a lockdown editor for GNOME 3. I thought I could try
> that.
> I have academic experience in writing C code and have done some Python
> as well. I haven't written any GTK applications so far, but I think I
> can learn it quickly enough. I have been using GNOME for 5 years now and
> have administered an Ubuntu classroom, so I believe I can understand the
> needs of the end user and system administrator.
> What I'd like to find out:
> * What is the required functionality of the lockdown editor?

The basic features that we want is being able to lock down features that
are already ready to be locked down. See for instance:

You can run pessulus to get an idea of how this was working for GNOME 2.

Compared to the current code in pessulus, the following needs to be

 - handle GSettings settings too, not just gconf
   Note that lockdown is GSettings is actually handled by dconf, see

 - this first point likely involves writing a small polkit helper to
   actually configure the lockdown. As an example, see what was used for

 - use pygobject with introspection for the GUI, instead of pygtk

There are optional additional steps, related to making sure lockdown is
properly handled by apps, or adding some additional lockdown features to

> * What do I need to do to get this GSoC task?

We documented this on the wiki:



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