Re: Anyone interested in keeping pessulus alive?

On Mon, 2012-03-12 at 14:00 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:

> Pessulus was a configuration lockdown editor for GNOME 2. It never got
> ported to GNOME 3, as it more or less involves a complete rewrite (move
> to introspection-based bindings and move to GSettings) and nobody found
> the motivation to do so.
> Unless someone steps up within a week to become maintainer, I'll move
> pessulus to our archives.

Another thing is that Gnome 3 provides different configuration keys than
Gnome 2 - gnome-shell and friends are completely different beasts.  I'm
sure we'd need to implement lockdown-friendly keys in Gnome 3 for things
that are missing.

Archive it away, I'd say... since you are the maintainer, do you
remember anything particularly interesting/tricky in the implementation
of Pessulus that may be useful to implementors of similar stuff for
Gnome 3?

(Sabayon is in a similar situation - it's just not useful for Gnome 3.
If you archive Pessulus, would you be able to move Sabayon as well in
exchange for a promise of beer?)


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