Re: Explaining everybody last changes on a11y (at-spi2-atk)

[Trimming CCs so we can discuss GNOME here and not spam everyone]

On Fri, 2012-06-22 at 17:38 +0200, Piñeiro wrote:

>  a) Current at-spi2-atk from master (so also next releases) is no longer
> compatible with GNOME 3.4
>  b) Related with a): upgrading gtk3 would require also upgrade
> at-spi2-atk, so if you want last changes on gtk3, you would require that.
>  c) As a conclusion of a) b): if you want last gtk3 you need to use the
> library approach.

So these seem to fall into the "people wanting to consume GTK3 outside
of the GNOME schedule".  We should be receptive to this, but we also
shouldn't block progress in GNOME on it.

Anyways there are two options:
1) Make linking to at-spi2-atk a build-time option, this is related
   to simply unbreaking the OS X/Win32 build as below.
2) Providing an API for gtk3 users to disable it programatically.  I
   guess the environment variable is an attempt to do this, but the
   problem with that is that by default it propagates to child
   processes, so if e.g. Firefox launches another application to
   handle a download, the application will "mysteriously" have
   a11y disabled.

>  d) Adding at-spi2-atk dependency to gtk added a X dependency so some
> builds are broken [7]

That's an easy fix really.

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