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Hello Nick,

Actually, there's a lot of sample code being written for the GNOME Developer Docs:

You should start cherry picking those suitable for learn-x-the-hard-way and start a repo!

2012/6/2 Nick Glynn <exosyst gmail com>
Hey list,

Are there any efforts to develop a new Gtk/Gnome Development book as I think the most recent was Foundations of Gtk Development which was 2007 and a fair bit has changed since then.

I appreciate there's a lot better documentation/tutorials on *  these days but wondered if something akin to Zed Shaws Learn X The Hard Way is in the works such that it can be contributed to by the community as well as those in the know and kept up to date much easier than a traditional book.

For those unfamiliar with the concept you can see the outline repo here and more examples of the type of documentation can be seen at

I've had a look and couldn't find anything in progress but Google doesn't seem to index github/gitorious projects all that well.


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