symbolic icons and non-Gnome-shell system trays

In both Awesome and Tiny2 (probably several others), the system tray battery icon (from gnome-settings-daemon) shows up completely black and transparent, regardless of the icon theme in use; this causes issues if the system tray area is dark. The icon looks fine in gnome-shell: light-gray and transparent. It seems that either gnome-shell or gnome-settings-daemon is applying some processing to get the icon to the needed shade. What is doing that?

If it is gnome-shell, then it seems that means the system tray implementation is expected to colorize/shade the icon, and this I can do myself. If it is gnome-settings-daemon, then it seems that I need some way to tell gnome-settings-daemon what color need - how would I do that?

Shawn J. Goff

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