Re: GNOME and high-DPI screens

On Tue, Jul 03, 2012 at 11:34:04PM -0700, Brion Vibber wrote:
> What can regular users and casual developers do to help today? Should we
> report things that don't scale as expected, or wait for something to get
> into place before we start?

For starters, bugs should be filed. There is one Gtk+ bug for high dpi
it got a bit unreadable though.

But I guess it needs some thought. E.g. DPI data cannot be relied upon
(as discussed many times before). I saw another Gtk+ bug on windows
where apparently an application has to notify that it supports high DPI

> I'm sure there won't be any fast fix-all solutions, but as screens with 1.5
> and 2x the resolution of classic screens trickle out to more laptops in the
> future, this'll be something that needs addressing...

Agree. Best to give developers high DPI screens (not kidding).


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