Re: taking features away (compact view removed from Nautilus)

Le lundi 02 juillet 2012 à 09:38 +0100, Allan Day a écrit :
> Adam Dingle <adam yorba org> wrote:
> > I realized recently to my surprise and dismay that the compact view has been
> > removed from Nautilus:
> Adam, if you wanted to discuss this change, you could have done so on
> the bug or on the Nautilus mailing list, or by asking on
> #gnome-design. I would have been happy to have given you some
> background on why the decision was made.

Adam already answered to this point:

"I'm well aware of nautilus-list, but chose to post here because I think
there's a problem here beyond just Nautilus.  In my opinion, useful
features are vanishing from core GNOME apps without adequate notice to
the community and opportunity for discussion by people who use those
features regularly."

> No one objects when you add a feature, yet features can ruin a design
> if you keep adding them. Nautilus has been at saturation point for a
> while; it's at the stage where it's actually very difficult to improve
> it without taking something away.

I don't use the compact view, but what worries me is, after several
messages on this list, there is still no justification for this removal,
except the one in the bug report:
"There is really little difference between compact mode and icon mode
with labels on the side. Well, except for that that horrible horizontal

That's a bit too short for an explanation (with the fact that the icon
mode with labels on the side is also removed). While I agree removal are
sometimes necessary, there is a good chance it will be seen as a
regression by some users, which should be well explained.


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