Re: questioning gnome modulesets

Hey Jeremy,

I wouldn't try to read too much meaning into the fine distinctions
between various modulesets. As a first approximation, they are a means
for the release team to organize the release.

We could certainly move epiphany to meta-gnome-apps-tested, but it
wouldn't make any difference in practice. Since you can't really ship
a system without a web browser, having it in core makes some intuitive
sense to me, though.

Wrt to rhythmbox and banshee, thats a leftover from the 2.x time, when
modules wouldn't enter the 'official' modulesets until they have been
proposed - these have never been proposed, I think. They've always
been part of the wider GNOME ecosystem, but not part of GNOME itself.

Finally, wrt to PackageKit, it is not so much something you use as
something that sits on top of what you use. There is no reason that
you can't ship PackageKit in addition to whatever your native
packaging system is, and get some level of packaging system <> GNOME
integration that way. It was Ubuntu's choice not to do that...

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