Empty Power panel in System Settings

I had a bug this week where the power was screwy and GNOME briefly
thought my laptop was a desktop. I was awfully surprised to see that
the Power panel in System Settings 3.2 has only one item "Suspend when
inactive for...". This looks really bad. I'm not certain that
autoresizing the window is a great idea but a huge empty space isn't
good either, but resizing from taking up half the screen on my laptop
down to an All Settings button and one option just doesn't feel right.
GNOME's getting criticism for cutting out options and this design
seems to be accenting the emptiness of what's left after possibly too
much pruning.

There are 20 items in System Settings now, which might be recreating
some of the trouble with the old gnome-control-center. I still get
confused on the difference between Displays, Power, and Screen and
I've been using GNOME for years. I think there is a whole lot of
overlap between Power and Screen.

As others have said, I wish design had its own mailing list where I
could ask questions like this & not "spam" the whole developer list. I
don't think opening a bug is a good idea when the solution isn't clear
and using IRC for decision making (especially without IRC logs)
excludes those who can't participate in real time during the
European/American workday.


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