Re: GNOME 3.1.90 beta released!

Am 01.09.2011 11:34, schrieb Frederic Peters:
Hello all,

This is 3.1.90, and it's out! It's the first beta of what will be
GNOME 3.2, enjoy it while it's time, the next beta (3.1.91) will
arrive next week.

I saw this in the release notes of gnome-control-center:

- Remove power and suspend buttons config (Bastien Nocera) (#652183) (#657068)"

I am sad.

I know that the GNOME design team has its reasons to promote Suspend; it is great from a usability perspective, and I also suspend often and like it. However, I feel that the rigor with which this is pushed upon the complete user base of GNOME (minus those are knowledgeable enough to change a hidden dconf setting) is not right.

While suspending is convenient, many people do want to save power when they don't use their desktop or laptop over night, or simply because they only use it one or two hours a day anyway. I don't see this as a minor use case; its a general consideration of many, enviromentally aware people, especially in European countries such as Germany where the Green party is going strong and we are already warned about the environmental impact of standby devices in elementary school. Regardless of their technical knowledge, such people will be put off by not being able to properly shut off, or having to jump trough hoops to do so. They will think that GNOME doesn't care about the environment. I don't want our wonderful community to make that impression.

I don't want to start yet another flame war with this message (please, let's be sensible and respectful when discussing this). Neither do I want to denounce the design team; in fact, I greatly respect the design team for the many things it has done to make GNOME 3 the awesome piece of software that it is today, and that it will be tomorrow. I also don't want to throw everybody from the design team in the same pot: there are GNOME designers that are sympathetic towards some kind of compromise, as the discussion around bug #652183 [1] reveals. However, I feel that the current situation is not right, and that *something* has to be done to reach a solution that combines a high degree of usability with easily accessible ways to act environmentally responsible.

Best regards,
Denis Washington


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