Re: Confused about the release

Hi again!

> Anyway we're late, and I'll ask you for two more days of patience, so
> that we have the time to meet and give you a proper answer on the
> practical questions you have; and we will make sure this gets improved
> in the future.

So we had our release team meeting yesterday evening,

Shaun wrote:
>> I noticed that we have Contacts, Documents, and Sushi in the
>> apps moduleset. If shipped, all of these are just core parts
>> of the desktop experience, so I want to document them in the
>> desktop help. But I'm wary of doing that for modules in apps.

Documents will just be a preview release, it shows the direction,
nothing more, nothing less, I don't think it's worth including it in
the desktop help for 3.2. On the other hand the features provided by
Contacts and Sushi certainly have their place in the help.

Apart of those, other new help topics could be colour management,
onscreen keyboard, and support for tablets.

I hope this answers your question, we are really sorry to provide you
this info so late in the cycle, we are still commited to keep going on
with the feature focused process, but we will improve the schedule,
and the reporting from the release team.

And really, don't hesitate to pester us whenever you feel we are
acting in a black box.


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