Re: Google Code-In proposal for QA category


On Mon, 2011-10-31 at 15:18 +0200, pecisk gmail com wrote:
> I have suggestion for Google Code-In task for those hearing it the first time.

>  - pupil could create
> rudimentary, but still detailed list of features provided by GNOME
> platform and core apps (in QA category). My biggest beef with free
> software and open source software QA is that we do track API and other
> changes at code level quite nicely, but we don't do this for features
> (as user sees them) and how well they work release after release.
> Sometimes some small bug just ruins all experience because something
> doesn't work as it did release before. I know that I can try to trace
> it trough push messages, but only few users will do that.
> Is this viable idea, suitable for 13 - 17 year old?

As I wrote on IRC: I really wonder how you want to define the level of
functionality (e.g. "file manager" vs "copy", "paste", etc), how to
check the student's results for completeness, and what to use it for
(Automated tests that somebody would have to write first)...?

Sounds like not easily to define at all.

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