gobject/gthread linking problems

hi all,

Due to the recent threading changes in GLib it is no longer necessary
for gobject to be linked against libgthread and therefore we removed
that dependency.

Unfortunately, libgthread was accidentally added as a *public*
dependency of libgobject.  The result of this is that for quite some
time, applications have been able to get away with calling
g_thread_init() without actually listing gthread among their

Since we have now dropped that dependency, these applications will start
breaking.  There are two approaches to solving this:

 1) If you care about working with truly ancient versions of GLib (from
    before gobject started depending on gthread in 2.24) then you can
    explicitly declare your dependency on gthread and continue to call

    In this case you probably don't have this problem anyway, though,
    since you would have had this problem when building against those
    old versions already.

 2) Stop calling g_thread_init().  It is completely redundant in 2.31
    and if you are calling g_type_init() already then it has been
    redundant since 2.24.


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