Re: Media Sharing Feature extension proposal: "Play To"

On Wed, 2011-05-25 at 07:55 +0200, Jens Georg wrote:
> Hi,
> What I would like to propose is something in the lines of less open DLNA
> sharing. This is a feature on top of Rygel.
> It would be similar to the "Play to" feature of Windows 7, where you can
> right-click on a file and "send" it to UPnP-capable media renderer.
> (Thinking of a nautilus send-to plugin here)
> Why is it less open? It doesn't require you to have your server
> announced publicly or enable any of the UPnP sharing. All you need is a
> HTTP server. Rygel has a mode which already supports this out-of-the box
> (transcoding and all), see

The functionality is interesting, and I would think that integrating it
in nautilus-sendto would probably be a good idea, but nautilus-sendto is
still in flux (we're waiting for libsocialweb configuration to be
possible in UI before finishing it), and I would really like the
functionality to be designed, or at the very least researched, and
compared to other OSes, and similar functionality in other desktop

You can do all this in the Design whiteboard area of the wiki, before
asking the design folks for help.


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