Re: systemd as external dependency

On Thu, 19.05.11 00:50, Sergey Udaltsov (sergey udaltsov gmail com) wrote:

> > I think the best way to save resources is not to run anything. For stuff
> > like hostnames/locale/time which is used only every other moonphase
> > having tiny single-purpose mini-services is perfectly appropriate. I
> > don't think there would be any benefit in merging these mini daemons
> > into one. Au contraire, I'd guess you'd waste even more resources with
> > dlopen() and friends.
> Can all those services be standardized using DBus interfaces (DBus
> activation if necessary)? IMHO that's the only way to remain friendly
> to non-linux OSes, not having any bits of systemd (or distros that are
> not using it)?

Some can. Not all.

The hostname mechanism is explained in very much detail here:

As suggested a couple of times I believe the mode of cooperation with
the Solaris/BSD folks here should be to share those interfaces, not the
code behind it.

Something similar is true for the locale/timezone/time mechanisms.


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