Re: systemd as external dependency


The closest integration I expect in gdm. Ideally I'd like to rip out the
current CK support completely and replace it entirely by the more
low-level systemd specific code. However, that I can only do if the
outcome of this discussion is clear.

Is it possible to do this, but maintain the ConsoleKit CLI, D-Bus
interfaces, and configuration interfaces (e.g. /etc/ConsoleKit) for
backwards compatibility?  If these interfaces need to change, can you
provide some perspective about how much they need to change?

I wonder if it might be reasonable for systems that do not support
systemd to continue using ConsoleKit.  Will #ifdef's be allowed in
GDM?  If GDM is changed to become Linux specific, then does this mean
that non-Linux systems need to migrate to a different display manager?

I now know GDM is a "Core" GNOME application.  If a different display
manager is used to access a GNOME desktop, then can you still call your
desktop "GNOME"?  Can you swap out a Core GNOME program and still call
it "GNOME"?


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