Re: no external panels for gnome-control-center [was GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup]

> I don't see this happening. Are you talking about GNOME 3 or GNOME 2.x
> here?
Gnome3, since gnome2 did not have the goal to define the final experience. And it was more open.

> The whole design part is new. My view is that we're way more friendly to
> do things for downstream.
What kind of friendship is that?? You force downstream to do things upstream or suffer patching. You are taking the freedom to extend comfortably - the freedom that existed in gnome2. Friendship?

> Calling it a failure is premature.
It is a failure from the start, because distros will be patching. They will define the final experience, not gnome. End-users almost never use vanilla gnome. They never will, distros will patch.

> But we're changing our approach. We want people to suggest their needs
> at GNOME, then we'll see how we can solve their issues.
That's what you want. Do distros want the same? Do 3rd party appdevs want the same? Or do you just not care?


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