Re: Flash plugin disabled in Epiphany 3.0?

2011/5/1 Maciej Piechotka <uzytkownik2 gmail com>:
> On Sun, 2011-05-01 at 20:02 +0300, pecisk gmail com wrote:
>> I read in changelogs that in 2.91.4 Flash plugin was blacklisted in
>> Epiphany. Is there any info was it unlisted? Or blocking is still in
>> place? I mention this because Flash doesn't work in Fedora 15 beta
>> using Epiphany.
>> Cheers,
>> Peter.
> Gtk version?
> % ldd /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins/| less | grep gtk
> => /usr/lib64/
> (0x00007f1c0f7f0000)
> As gtk+ 2 and 3 symbols cannot be in one binary it means that it is not
> allowed to have flashplayer in epiphany[1].
> Regards
> [1] Possibly it should be possible to run plugins in separate
> library/load them in some special way to allow it but it is not
> currently implemented.

I see. So this will work either with your mentioned hack or when Adobe
releases Flash with GTK3 support (if ever). It seems that former seems
more possible, because Adobe compiles Flash for Firefox/Mozilla and
they are using GTK2 so I don't see iniciative for them to go for GTK3
right now. Not good but ohh well that's life.


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