Re: empathy integration with the desktop

On 30/03/11 00:07, Danielle Madeley wrote:
It's very important here to distinguish between Telepathy as a service
and Empathy which is providing the views of that service.

The end user doesn't care.

In the end, as a user, I would expect my status to be the same as I left it when logging in again. If I was busy, I am busy again and automatically signed in with that state. If don't want to be online (due to a weekend or some other reason), I can set my status to unavailable (either on Friday night before turning off my machine or Saturday morning should I turn it on again). In the case where people really don't want to be automatically online each time they start up their computer, they can opt for being unavailable initially.

In any case, having to run a process, which presents a list of contacts (which is not really too useful most of the time), really is an extra step I would like to avoid.

I am aware that people (even in our company) have different concepts of IM and how their state should be presented to the world, so this is something that needs to be configurable.

On Tue, 2011-03-29 at 10:09 +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:

In order to go online and have the integrated stuff work in the
background you must first start a weirdly named application ("Empathy")
and then close(!) its window (this will not actually quit the app). This
causes you to go online and start using the integrated messaging

The app is a view. We could make it quit the app. We could also make it
not automatically put you offline (which it does at the moment when you
quit). Really the only reason not to quit the app is to save having to
load all that state again next time you want the roster (chat and video
calls are in separate processes). Once again, the communications itself
are a desktop service and separate to the app.

I actually would love to have proper integration into the shell for the view. Sometimes, I want to see if someone is online, so pressing some button somewhere or going to the top right :) and having a list which slides out, would be quite nice from my point of view. It would do nothing in cases where you're offline of course.

We could automatically launch empathy by default on login, but people
might not like to automatically go online as soon as they are at the

To reiterate, not actually required. Just talk to mission control.
Mission control will launch UI components on demand for
requested/incoming channels.

Summary: Telepathy is a communications service, Empathy is a view of
that service. It's like how you don't have to launch nautilus to carry
out file operations.

I answered this above.

Right now (not in GNOME shell and on Ubuntu), when I sign in, I have to start:

 - XChat (better IRC support sorry)
 - Empathy (Jabber, ICQ, GMail, etc)
 - Skype (would love to have this in Empathy)

I would prefer to not have to do any of that.


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