Re: SoC idea: desktop file cache

Bastien Nocera [2011-03-25 21:52 +0000]:
> I wouldn't want the code to live in update-desktop-database (which is in
> shared-mime-info), but we can certainly add support for launching
> scripts in a specific directory whenever it's called.

Or just call it update-desktop-caches and stay a separate script,
since (as you already pointed out) it needs to run at different
occasions anyway?

> Note that update-desktop-database is probably not called by packaging
> managers or application's Makefiles when they don't handle mime-types,
> so this would be something that would need to be announced, and followed
> by distributions.

At least it wouldn't cause any regression if it isn't called by
package managers; it just wouldn't use caching, so this might be



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