Re: Fix gsettings path to use /org/gnome instead /apps

Il giorno ven, 25/03/2011 alle 11.04 +0100, Chris Kühl ha scritto:

> I'm definitely for having these all be consistent but I find it more
> consistent that all paths be of the format org.gnome.[application
> name] and /org/gnome/[application name]. This would mean leaving the
> "gnome-" prefix even though it does look redundant. I'd have no
> problem conforming to any convention though.

No suggestion/rule by now for this part of path/id, sorry. In my patch
I've changed from procman to gnome-system-monitor 'cause procman seems
so old and unrelated to current application.

Both choices (/org/gnome/gnome-system-monitor
vs /org/gnome/system-monitor) have bads and goods; personally I prefer
the first one, 'cause you can have several system monitors, but only
one /usr/bin/gnome-system-monitor.

> Also, as Richard had asked, does this mean we have a freeze exception
> to make these changes? I'd be happy to make those changes to
> gnome-system-monitor if this is the case.

Yes, freeze exception granted, feel free to change :)

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