Re: GNOME 3.2 ideas and plans


> Finally, I'd like to be thinking about our contributor experience. This
> might be something that has to wait until the following cycle, but it
> could be possible to start the process earlier. I'm particularly keen to
> examine the issue in a holistic fashion: we need to trace the journey of
> a new contributor through from landing on to committing a
> patch or providing documentation, translation, design, etc. What are the
> weak points and trouble spots? What are the things that are most likely
> to turn someone away? It might be that there are small things that we
> could do that would make a big difference.

I really spend much time (including the Berlin and Toronto hackfest) to
fix some of these issues and at least give people a nice start when they
are motivated in playing with our platform. I hope a lot of this gets
online for 3.0. I also got some feedback about adding package-kit
install for the developer stuff so we basically have a one-click setup.
I am looking into that.

But this is so far only for developers and it still doesn't cover may
parts. For example, we really need a "I found a bug in GNOME and want to
fix it" guide that goes from checking out and building the sources to
creating the patch and filing the bugs.

Of course stuff for designers, translators, a11y-people is also needed.


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