Re: Interested in GNOME on touchscreens?

On Sun, 2011-03-06 at 19:09 +0000, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> Hello Bastien,
> Nice to see someone having a look at this. I have one of those Lenovos
> that were given at the MeeGo conference with Multitouch support.


> My gut feeling is that we are going to need a customized version of
> the shell and specific apps for a touch driven interface. This is
> something I think will be more important as there are no foss
> alternatives in the tablet/pad/slate space.

Customised, not sure. From my cursory testing, quite a lot is already
possible using the current shell (eg. most of the shell bugs are "nice
to have" not blockers), and some of the changes mentioned also have an
impact on accessibility.

> Hopefully the work KaL is doing on Hildon/Gtk+ might help, but I think
> we need better touch driven/data browsing widgets in Gtk+.

It certainly will help, but adding new widgets is certainly easier than
starting from scratch :)

> I'll try to get the Shell running on my Lenovo and give some feedback
> during this week.

Cool, thanks.

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