Archiving old non-maintained (for GNOME 3) applets


I guess everyone knows that GNOME 2 applets don't work in GNOME 3, and
talking here and there, the feedback I got is that it wasn't worth
creating a bridge to be able to load those in the GNOME 3 panel.

As several applets are not going to be ported to GNOME 3 (either because
the code is unmaintained or it has been announced already), I think we
should clearly archive them so that translators stop working on them and
distributors know their status.

So far, I only have this small list:


It also appears that libpanelappletmm won't get ported (and the gnote
developers decided to directly use the C library instead for the GNOME 3

So unless anybody complains about those 5 modules, I'll file a bug to
get them archived.

Is there any other git module for an applet that we should archive?



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