Re: On the Interaction with the design team


> That's disappointing. Using IRC really is an anti-pattern which the
> design team should avoid - it's only one step removed from doing
> everything in person or on conference calls. Bugzilla isn't a forum, nor
> can you be sure who you're talking to, or easily follow past discussions
> through archives. And design is apparently out of scope for the
> usability list. Wiki pages and blog posts are good, but they are
> broadcast rather than a communication channel.
> I really can't think of anything better than a mailing list which you
> could use to allow GNOME developers to initiate discussion with
> designers, and to allow designers to work together publicly on design.

Couldn't agree more but that doesn't only affect the design-team but also
some other GNOME sub-projects like gnome-shell.


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