Re: GNOME user survey 2011

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 07:11:34PM +0300, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> Many of these are borrowed from the Git user survey. The results as
> you can see, can be quite interesting:
> It would be great if some sort of notification would popup directly on
> user's desktops, this way it can ensured that the maximum amount of
> people are notified. Otherwise, I think planet GNOME, reddit, twitter,

That's impossible.

> Google+ and so on should give plenty of feedback. Maybe also contact
> Ars Technica, LWN, Phornix, and so on would help.

Those are only technical sites. I think the results are going to be
biased whatever you do.

> === 01. Overall, how happy are you with GNOME? ===

I like this one.

> === 02. How long have you been using GNOME? ===

This one too.

> === 03. How do you describe the amount of configurations available? ===

I don't see the relevance of asking this. Furthermore the question is
suggestive. Seems more to prove a point than anything else.

> === 04. Which GNOME version(s) are you using? ===

This should be asked earlier.

> === 05. How do you compare the current GNOME version with the version
> from one year ago? ===

This is vague. Current as in GNOME 3.2 / 3.0, or current as in the
version that they are using. Furthermore, you don't know if they upgrade
each year.

> === 06. What channel(s) do you use to request help about GNOME (if any)? ===

With what purpose is this asked? No support is given on GNOME Bugzilla.
Only minimal on gnome-list.

> === 07. Does GNOME include code or documentation by you? ===

Suggest adding translations as well.

> === 08. Do you have any comments or suggestions for the GNOME team? ===

How will you handle all the various comments you'll get? Git received
9000 answers.. who is going to read them all and summarize?

Things I'd like to know:
 - Multiple choice options to understand the responders technical
   skills. So if they've submitted a patch, contributed code somewhere,
   paid to write software, maintain some open source code, etc.
   That is IMO a nicer way to understand their skills can someone to
   rate themselves.
 - If they use KDE/XFCE/something
 - other things to later on be able to determine if the survey is biased
   in some way. Don't have concrete ideas atm.

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