Re: GNOME user survey 2011


Not a bad idea overall though of course the user base for such surveys
is always a bit limited as many poeple don't even know that they use
GNOME and those a probably the majority of the users. Anyway, might be

> === 01. Overall, how happy are you with GNOME? ===
> (single choice)
>  * unhappy
>  * not so happy
>  * happy
>  * very happy
>  * completely ecstatic

"Happy" doesn't seem to describe that very well IMHO. Maybe there could
be a better term for a general impression  as many poeple aren't happy
to use a computer at all.

> === 04. Which GNOME version(s) are you using? ===
> (multiple choice, with other)
>  + 3.0
>  + 2.20 - 3.0

should be 2.20 - 2.32, right? Because otherwise there would be a
multiple choice for 3.0. Same for the others.

I think querying the used distribution could be interesting as some
(Ubuntu, Mint, etc) modify GNOME quite a lot.


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