Those darn gdk-pixbuf .po file conflicts

Anybody jhbuilding GNOME will have run into problems with .po file
conflicts in gdk-pixbuf, where building it causes local changes that
conflict with updates from translators. Finally got annoyed enough to
track down the problem.

The unique characteristics that gdk-pixbuf has that causes these
problems are:

 * It uses the upstream gettext not the GLib or the intltool

 * The .pot file isn't checked into Git

The upstream is designed so that when the .pot file isn't
there, it's generated, and the .po files are updated a single time.

(The upstream also has another incompatibility with
the GNOME internationalization workflow - it runs update-po on 'make

Possible fixes:

 A) Check in a .pot file. But this leaves the 'update-po on dist'
    problem. [This is the state of affairs of Clutter]

 B) intltoolize gdk-pixbuf, even though it doesn't need anything, so we
    get a non-annoying [This is the most common
    thing in GNOME probably]
 C) Don't intltoolize gdk-pixbuf, but check some better into git so autopoint doesn't replace it.
   [This is the state of affairs in GTK+. Just copying the from GTK+ would presumably work fine.]

B) is probably cleanest; I don't know if it will cause problems for
people [cross]building gdk-pixbuf with mingw or building on OS X.

I haven't suggested going back to glib-gettextize, since that's been
something people have been trying to get away from. 

- Owen

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